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Video production can be a wasteful business. In London alone, it’s calculated that the audiovisual industry has the equivalent carbon emissions as 24,000 London homes.

Our policy describes how we do things differently to reduce our emissions to net zero, reduce our waste and minimise overall envirnmental footprint.

  • Our office is powered and heated through a utility supplier that sources 100% of its energy from renewables.
  • We charge all batteries from our office for all our production equipment, such as radio microphones and outdoor lights.
  • We never use diesel generators.
  • All our lights are LED systems that consume much less electricity (they also produce much less heat and can make a set far more comfortable).
  • We avoid using incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lighting.
  • On smaller shoots, we bring our own plant-based food and refreshments.
  • With bigger shoots, we arrange for catering companies who are Albert Sustainable Production Certified to ensure that they are in line with our sustainability practises.
  • On smaller shoots, we work hard to be completely zero waste.
  • On larger shoots, we arrange for recycling with companies such as Scenery Salvage.
  • We work digitally whenever possible and stay away from single use items.
  • We rent electric cars or taxis for moving heavy production equipment.
  • When we can, we cycle or take public transport.
  • If production is abroad, we avoid flying and take the train and/or use local crews to take care of shooting.
  • We have a global network of industry professionals to help us create and develop our stories around the world.
  • This keeps production efficient, reducing both the environmental impact and financial costs without compromising on quality.
  • Our local contacts ensure that we understand the culture and nuances of the areas that we work in.
  • We estimate the carbon footprint for each project which includes pre and post production.
  • Our accounting is based on BAFTA’s carbon calculator as well as a number of other industry tools.
  • Whilst calculating emissions is important, we place greater value on practical steps as reducing our impact is our primary goal not getting lost in over-quantification.
  • We offset the emissions we cannot mitigate with Trees for Cities.
  • Trees are planted in urban locations in springtime throughout the UK and verified in compliance with ISO 14604 with a survival guarantee.
  • Offsets cost £15 per tonne of CO2e
    Short corporate video = 0.5-2 tonnes CO2e
    1 hour of television content = 10-15 tonnes CO2e
  • We work with Green Film who certify environmental sustainability for audiovisual productions.
  • If your production requires verification, we organise this with GF through Bureau Vertias or DNG VL, both leading international verifiers.