We're a carbon-neutral not-for-profit production company led by scientists and creatives.

With our experience in academia, the third sector, and the audiovisual industry, we create high impact content with a low environmental footprint.

We've worked with

Age UK
Project Pressure
Public Health England
Cape Town University
Future Climate for Africa

Sustainable Production

Climate change is everyone's story. For us to thrive, we must reshape economies, institutions, and cultures through new narratives. We create content ethically and re-invest the profits to produce content on our relationship to nature.
Our network includes scientists, filmmakers, and industry professionals aligned with our environmental ambitions. We value lasting relationships and we collaborate with independent creatives.
Positive & Personal
We focus on personal stories in specific places. We counter the apocalyptic narratives with motivating and hope-inspirng content. Our theory: fear isn't enough, empowering stories inspire action.
Research Led
We produce communications with the latest research. This includes the 'visual language' of climate change. We can help communicate your research which raises REF/TEF scores.
Low Carbon

Powered by 100% renewable energy, we use electric cars and bikes to get around. We estimate the carbon footprint and offset double with Trees for Cities.

Our Carbon Policy

Co-Producing Content
Our process is inclusive start to finish. We co-produce films to create powerful stories and people we film benefit directly. We prioritise learning, and adapt for better processes.


Patrick and Max met in 2018 with a shared environmental vision. Patrick has over a decade of filmmaking experience. Max worked as a social scientist and is a photographer.

In Our Nature - Max Leighton headshot
Max Leighton
Social Scientist
Max is a social scientist with experience researching for universities, think-tanks, charities and broadcasters. Before co-founding ION, Max worked for the University of Reading on a DFID-funded project - Future Climate For Africa - using narratives to construct water policy in cities across southern Africa. His academic focus has converged on exploring how the narratives we live by influence our relationship with nature and how these stories are ripe for renewal.
In Our Nature - Patrick Hoelscher headshot
Patrick Hoelscher
Patrick is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked with broadcasters, businesses, charities and NGOs including Al Jazeera, The Guardian and United Nations. Patrick has worked all over the world with local crews in India, Vietnam, South Africa, Ghana and more. He has filmed leading economists, academics, politicians and policymakers and has made it his mission to spread knowledge and inspire action in tackling the climate crisis.
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